The NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant

The smartest solution to the silica dust epidemic in the construction industry.

About NeSilex


NeSilex is formulated specifically for the construction industry to reduce worker exposure to crystalline silica dust. It allows employers to maintain OSHA compliance and goes beyond the minimal guidelines to ensure a safer work environment. NeSilex can be used in various construction activities including milling, sweeping, crushing, mining, and more.

Benefits of NeSilex

Improves Worker Safety

By reducing the amount of respirable crystalline silica dust present in the air, NeSilex makes construction activities safer. Testing shows up to a 100% reduction in silica levels. 

Targeted Formula

NeSilex is a specially formulated, concentrated suppressant designed for crystalline silica dust control in various construction industries designed to ensure a safe work environment. 


Meets OSHA Standards

NeSilex allows for exemption from exposure testing by keeping the permissible exposure limit of silica dust below 25μg/m³ as an 8-hour time-weighted average (see 29 CFR 1926.1153).

Effective at a High Dilution Ratio

Our silica dust solution is highly effective at controlling and suppressing both visual and respirable dust at a high dilution ratio.

Saves Time & Water

NeSilex saves you time and water by reducing the amount of water needed for effective dust control. 

Preserves Milling Bits

NeSilex decreases the surface tension of water–allowing for wetter, cooler, and more lubricated bits. 

See The Magic

NeSilex: In Action (Demonstration)

This demonstration shows how NeSilex disperses silica dust and encapsulates the dust in water. For dust control practices, adding this specially formultaed solution to water spraying systems will cause harmful dust particle to drop out of the air. 

Ready to Make a Change?

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