NeSilex Blue – Shop Floor Dust Control

Dry sweeping is now prohibited in general industry as a result of new OSHA regulations designed to protect workers from respirable silica dust.  Introducing NeSilex Blue  a shop floor dust control solution specifically created to control and remove settled dust on shop floors and surfaces, and prevent already settled dust from becoming airborne again. It forces the dust to bind together for easy removal from the ground without creating a watery mess.  

Advancing The Standard In Silica Dust Safety

With OSHA’s new regulations, business owners must now utilize one of two engineering controls to reduce dust while sweeping: vacuums or wet delivery systems. Both controls have many well-documented limitations. NeSilex Blue, on the other hand, is the best option for shop floor dust control. 

Smart Solution

NeSilex Blue is unique in its ability to wet dust extremely rapidly, forcing particles to bind together, and dry incredibly slow, keeping dust bound together even after the water evaporates.   

Formulated For Safety

Respirable silica dust poses a real danger to workers–exposure can lead to chronic and deadly diseases. Protect your workers and improve your operations with the simple integration of NeSilex Blue at your worksite!

Easy To Use

NeSilex Blue is designed to be the easiest and most effective shop floor dust solution. Diluted 1:1 with water and applied with a sprayer in the area to be swept or scrubbed, NeSilex Blue contains the dust making sweeping safe and easy. 

Powerful Abilities

Works Hard So You Don’t Have To

NeSilex Blue is an excellent solution to controlling dust in enclosed areas, especially where dust-producing activities are high. Its unique wetting and slow drying abilities provide an easy and safe dust control solution. NeSilex Blue is the superior wet dust control.  

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