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NeSilex creates innovative products to solve the silica dust crisis faced in construction industries worldwide. With our state-of-the-art silica dust suppressant and shop floor dust solution, NeSilex’s solutions protect workers from deadly silica dust, create safe, OSHA-compliant work zones, and even help cut down the wear and tear on equipment.

NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant

NeSilex is a silica dust suppressant specifically created to control  and suppress airborne silica dust at high dilution ratios for asphalt milling, sweeping, concrete cutting, and demolition. NeSilex has been professionally tested to prove effectiveness in accordance with OSHA guidelines and in consultation with a world-renowned silica expert. 

Genius Solution

Not only is NeSilex the best solution to OSHA compliance, but it also goes above and beyond to protect your most important assets–your workers.


Health Protection

NeSilex protects workers from harmful crystalline silica dust which is known to cause breathing difficulty. silicosis, COPD,  and lung disease.

Award Winning

NeSilex is featured as a Top-30 Editor’s Choice for products in Asphalt Contractor Magazine and in multiple other publications. 

NeSilex Blue – Shop Floor Dust Control

NeSilex Blue is a shop floor dust control solution specifically created to control and remove settled dust on shop floors and surfaces. While NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant targets airborne silica dust, NeSilex Blue aims to prevent already-settled dust from becoming airborne again. NeSilex Blue forces the dust to bind together, making removal from the goun easy without creating a watery mess.

Easy To Use

It’s as simple as diluting NeSilex Blue 1:1 with water, spraying on the dust, and sweeping. 

Smart Solution

NeSilex Blue wets and clumps dust extremely rapidly. With its slow drying capabilities, NeSilex Blue keeps dust clumped together even after the water has evaporated.


Exceeds Regulations

Not only is NeSilex Blue a powerful, ready-to-use shop floor dust solution, but it also exceeds all the requirements set forth by OSHA.

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