NeSilex – Silica Dust Suppressant

From OSHA compliance to worker safety, and everything in between, NeSilex is the key to success and safety when it comes to milling, sweeping, crushing, mining, sawing, jackhammering and earth-moving grading. 

Advancing The Standard In Silica Dust Safety

Without proper dust control practices, most construction operations will not be compliant with OSHA regulations.  Among many of our other benefits, you can ensure your operations are OSHA compliant with NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant. 


Compliance & Safety

NeSilex testing shows up to a 100% reduction in silica levels, allowing for exemption from exposure testing in many construction activities, as well as compliance with OSHA.

Hard Working Formula

NeSilex works hard so you don’t have to. With a targeted and specially designed formula, NeSilex is a concentrated suppressant that reduces visual and respirable dust at a high dilution ratio.

The Big Saver

By reducing the amount of water needed for effective dust control, NeSilex saves you time, water, and money. NeSilex also preserves milling bits by decreasing the surface tension of water, allowing for wetter, cooler, and more lubricated bits.

How It Works

Breathe Easier With NeSilex


NeSilex causes dust particles to become saturated


NeSilex also causes the particles to attract to one another


This forces the silica dust particles to drop out of the air and onto the ground.

Consistent Quality

Tested Results And Proven Effectiveness

NeSilex was specially formulated with consultation from world-renowned silica experts for the construction industry and tested to prove the effectiveness in accordance with OSHA guidelines. 

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