Watch NeSilex At Work:

Tested And Proven

NeSilex undergoes constant testing and product development to ensure that our silica dust suppressants meet your needs. Our team has a dedicated scientist, Dr. Mike, who is in charge of research and development of our products. Watch Dr. Mike test NeSilex to see how powerful this suppressant is–even at a small scale.

Effective Dust Control

NeSilex has been tested in real-world applications and has been proven to significantly reduce the amount of airborne crystalline silica dust at high dilution ratios.

Compliance Is Not Enough

Worker exposure to crystalline silica dust has been proven to cause silicosis (a fatal lung disease) and many other significant health problems. It is important to look beyond regulations and prioritize the safety of your employees.

Save Time, Preserve Resources

NeSilex reduces the amount of water needed for adequate silica dust control–requiring fewer tank re-fills. It also preserves milling bits by keeping them wetter, cooler, and more lubricated.