Chemtek, Inc is committed to the safety of our employees and their families. As the COVID-19 Pandemic takes a stronghold on our nation, it is our intention to continue to provide for our customers while also prioritizing the health of our employees.

As a chemical manufacturing and construction company, Chemtek provides vital solutions and services to other “essential” businesses such as road construction companies, commercial airports, and military airfields.  During this pandemic, we will continue to manufacture and sell our unique product solutions. We will also continue to fulfill all contract obligations.

We understand it is our social responsibility to protect our employees and limit public exposure while we continue to operate. Many of our employees are currently working from home. Only essential personnel needed to keep our business running are working out of our corporate office. Those that continue to work at our corporate office are following appropriate social distancing recommendations, using hand sanitizer frequently, and disinfecting all community areas after use. Likewise, we have reduced manufacturing personnel to only essential employees and require similar exposure-limiting procedures. Additionally, we have cancelled all non-essential business travel and customer meetings while taking advantage of technologies that allow for virtual interaction.

Our intention is to look back on the COVID-19 Pandemic as a time when our company united to take every reasonable step in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 while also providing for the needs of our customers and the finances of our employees despite the stresses of non-conventional working arrangements.

We are all in this together!