Dry sweeping is now prohibited in general industry as a result of new OSHA regulations (CFR 1910. 1053) designed to protect workers from respirable silica dust. Business owners must now utilize one of two engineering controls to reduce dust while sweeping: vacuums or wet delivery systems. Both controls have limitations which have been well documented. Vacuums are only effective in enclosed areas where the point of dust production is known and specific. Water alone fails to adequately control respirable particles and often creates a clean-up nightmare.


Chemtek introduced NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant in 2018 to control airborne respirable silica dust on construction sites; however, there was still a clear need for a solution to keep settled dust on the ground and ready for easy clean-up. As a company committed to research and development of unique products, it became clear to Chemtek that a separate dust control product was needed.


Introducing NeSilex Blue – a shop floor dust control solution specifically created to control and remove settled dust on shop floors and surfaces. While NeSilex Silica Dust Suppressant targets airborne silica dust, NeSilex Blue aims to prevent already settled dust from becoming airborne again. It forces the dust to bind together for easy removal from the ground without creating a watery mess.


NeSilex Blue is designed to be diluted with water and applied with a sprayer in the area to be swept or scrubbed. The dilution ratios vary based on the working environment, type of dust-producing activity, and other dust-suppressing controls in place. NeSilex Blue is unique in its ability to wet dust extremely rapidly and force particles to bind together becoming too heavy to be lifted in the air. In addition, it is extremely slow to dry which means that even after the water has evaporated, the dust particles remain bound together which allows them to be easily swept and disposed of without becoming airborne.


Respirable silica dust poses a very real danger to workers in many industries. Exposure can lead to chronic and deadly disease. Manufacturing and shop workers are especially at risk as they are in enclosed environments where dust and debris are common during both production and clean-up efforts. Protect your workers and improve your operations with the simple integration of NeSilex Blue at your worksite!


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